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It is recommended that gas appliances and installations (including pipework and cylinder connections) are safety inspected on an annual basis, and that appliances are serviced annually according to manufacturers instructions. This will help to maintain the safe an efficient operation of all appliances. An efficient boiler is more friendly to the environment, leading to lower gas consumption and therefore lower gas bills. The safety aspect is obviously even more critical as an installation which receives regular servicing and safety inspections will burn correctly, reducing the risk of the emission of poisonous Carbon Monoxide and /or the production of soot, along with affirmation that the gas installation is deemed “sound” when it passes pressure tests for gas leaks.

It is illegal for any person other than a Registered Gas Installer (RGI) to carry out any gas works or commission any installation prior to first use. Your gas boiler should only be serviced by an RGI as they will have the necessary competence to deal with the required servicing repair and safety checks.

At Johnston’s Caravans Ltd all our gas engineers are RGI registered and fully trained by Morco the leaders in water heaters and combi boilers in the holiday industry.

The full list of RGI engineers in your area can be found at www.rgii.ie