MCB3050 CH Pump head


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MCB3050 Central heating pump **OBSOLETE**

Please purchase the pump head MCB3120 and pump body MCB3125 from the FEB24ED3*. For the FEB24ED this is  a straight swap. For the FEB 24E the electrical plug connector and cable on the existing pump will need to be retained.  The engineer shall have to cut and join the flex from the new pump to this old cable with connector for existing PCB. This connection should be made within the PCB housing and suitably protected as it is a 240v AC connection.

Please note that you cannot fit an FEB24ED3* pump head onto either a FEB24E or FEB24ED pump body, the 3* pump and body must be fitted as a pair..

Please feel free to call our office to speak with an engineer who may advise you further.