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Why are there no prices on your website?

Holiday homes sold to a private site tend to cost less than to a registered holiday park as there are no gate fees siting costs or connection to services involved.

What is a private site?

This is referred to as land owned by a private individual not a registered caravan holiday park.

How much is delivery of a holiday home?

This very much depends on where the unit is going to as wide load permits need to be paid to pass through many counties in southern Ireland. There are no permit costs with a ten foot wide unit. When a holiday home is sold within county Donegal, delivery of the unit is included. When purchasing a holiday home to a registered park delivery, siting, anchoring, connection to services on site, gas and gas commissioning are included.

Are holiday homes cold in winter?

Holiday homes are designed and built to EN1647 standards for holiday/seasonal use. Unless the unit has double glazing with extra insulation as standard it will cool quite quickly. Central heating can be fitted to standard mobile homes to make a more comfortable environment during winter months. Some newer holiday homes are designed and built to BS3632 residential specification and as such are ideal for living in all year round.

How many radiators should I put in a mobile home?

Generally 4 to 5 radiators are sufficient to heat a mobile home adequately.

What is best to site a holiday home on?

A holiday home is best placed and anchored on concrete. When a concrete pitch is poured it is good practice to put galvanised steel anchors into the concrete when setting. This gives a sound base on which to anchor the chassis of the mobile home to. The concrete should be a minimum of four inches thick, on stable ground.

Can I get insurance on my holiday home?

There are many insurance companies in Ireland which specialise in holiday home cover. Premiums and more importantly policies can vary. It is very important that each customer reads their renewal invitations carefully to make sure they are adequately covered.

What is Market value insurance cover?

This type of cover is more suited to older holiday homes. In the event of the holiday home being declared a total loss by the insurance assessor the customer will receive a settlement figure towards replacement, to the value of the holiday home on the open market at time of damage.

What is new for old/reinstatement insurance cover?

In the event of a total loss your old holiday home is replaced with a new unit of similar type and quality. The debris from the old unit is removed and new unit put on site and commissioned.

How do I change my gas?

If your gas supply is via cylinders, please ask your park manager or gas supplier for a physical demonstration on how to change your gas bottle, regulator and hose competently.

How do I know what pitches are available?

This can be done in one of two ways, our website will contain information on pitches available in the various areas of Donegal or you the customer can contact the caravan park owner/manager directly on site who will be able to inform you of any pitches available on the park.

How much are annual site fees?

The annual site rental varies between parks depending on location and on site facilities. These normally range from €1900 to €2600.

Will my mobile holiday home be safe during the winter months?

A holiday home which has been professionally sited and properly winterised is in the best possible position to endure the winter months.

I have lost my caravan keys how do I replace them?

Most holiday home keys are readily available from a holiday home dealer. Later model caravan holiday homes use various types of locks which do not have keys readily available. These are costly and can be obtained from the holiday home manufacturer.

How do I turn my water off when leaving my mobile holiday home?

The mains water shut off point is externally located at the stopcock/gate valve on the mains supply to your mobile home.

What is frost damage?

Frost damage occurs when water freezes inside and damages water pipes, thermostatic mixer valves and or water heaters/CH boilers. If a holiday home has not adequately drained down, frost damage can lead to costly repair bills.

What is Winterisation?

Winterising is vital in preparing the mobile holiday home for cold weather in the off season. Removing all of the water with compressed air from the pipework, shower valves, toilet cisterns and taps and placing anti-freeze into the ceramic wc bowls and cisterns are routine when preparing your caravan holiday home for winter months.

Can I use my mobile home all year round?

The caravan park season officially runs from March 17th through to October 31st. These dates vary from park to park. There are a small number of parks which operate throughout all the year.

How do I pay my electricity?

The payment of electricity varies from park to park. Some holiday parks include a fee for electricity in their annual site rental while others furnish you with a separate invoice for electric usage along with the site rental.

How can I sell my mobile holiday home?

A holiday home on site cannot normally be sold privately on a registered holiday park. The customer can remove the unit from the park and sell privately or the holiday home may be sold back to the owner of the park or dealer from which the holiday home was purchased.